AeroBurn 烧伤凝胶喷雾 50 毫升

AeroBurn 烧伤凝胶喷雾 50 毫升

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AeroBurn Burn Gel Spray reduces inflammation and relieves pain from minor burns and skin abrasions, without requiring contact with the affected area.

As a gel spray, this calming treatment allows for more hygienic burn care by eliminating the contact with highly sensitive skin.


  • For minor burns, scalds & sunburn
  • Non-sticky hydro-gel formulation
  • Water soluble
  • Non-toxic
  • Mild anaesthetic properties
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Contains Melaleuca Oil (a natural antiseptic)
  • Hygienic spray prevents skin contact

Burn injuries must be treated immediately to trigger the healing process and limit the damage done to cells. By providing a moist, antibacterial environment for effective burn healing, this burn treatment spray prevents infections, blisters and scarring.

AeroBurn Burn Spray is recommended for mild burns, scalds & sunburns, as well as for use in commercial kitchens.