A&D Medical 大型血压计袖带 - 大号 31-45 厘米

A&D Medical 大型血压计袖带 - 大号 31-45 厘米

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  • Arm Circumference 31cm - 45cm
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Latex and metal free
  • Compatible with UA-611 & UA-651
  • Compatible with UA-651SL & UA-651BLE


Correct Cuff Position
Selecting the correct cuff size

Using the correct cuff size is critical for an accurate reading. If the cuff is not the correct size, the reading may yield an incorrect blood pressure value. The A&D Cuffs have their sizes printed on the cuff.

Applying the arm cuff to determine if it is the correct fit.


  1. Wrap the cuff around the upper arm, about 1-2 cm above the inside of the elbow.
  2. Confirm the index mark is pointing within the proper fit range.
  3. If the index mark points to "L" a large cuff is required.