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  • Biotene Dry Mouth Relief Fluoride Toothpaste Fresh Mint Original is a gentle care for a dry mouth, helps prevent cavities, gentle formula, helps fight bad breath with pH Balanced.

    If you suffer from a dry mouth you may be experiencing some of these problems. 

    - Constant Dry Feeling

    - Bad Breath

    - Cracked Lips 

    - Cavities 

    Dry mouth is commonly associated with the use of medications. Many medications may cause a dry mouth. 

    Brushing with Biotene toothpaste helps maintain a healthy oral environment by providing fluoride tooth protection for dry mouth suffers or for people who need a mild toothpaste. 

    - With brushing helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

    - Helps provide fluoride tooth protection for dry mouth sufferers.

    - Fluoride helps strengthen teeth.